Dive Deep into Big Data

Social scientists increasingly have access to data sets of unparalleled scope and complexity. New technologies have made the collection of that data - by governments, private companies, or innovative researchers - possible. Advances in computer science and statistics have allowed for inferential, simulated, and visual analyses that are now being incorporated into faculty research.


For those new to the social sciences, this is an opportunity to see where your computer science and statistical skills can go, with innovative applications to problems of massive societal interest.


For those new to computational methods, this is a chance to develop the tools necessary to make new and exciting contributions, tools that will shape the originality and power of your work for years to come.


With access to the full resources and faculty of the University of Chicago, in a small cohort that is faculty-mentored and assisted by prize-winning doctoral “preceptors,” you will be trained as a colleague and contributor for the next great wave of social science research.


Discover Why MACSS is the right program for you.


Computation at a glance

Computation grads who applied for the PhD have received funded offers
is the size of our entering class
of our American students self-identify as racial minorities
of the 2019 cohort is female
received substantial merit aid, right up to full tuition
different undergraduate institutions are represented
is the average age of first-year students in the program
is the total size of our 2-year cohort