City of Chicago

Chicago Studies - now partnering with MA students in the Social Sciences Division. An excellent resource to line up field sites and contacts for ethnographic research.

Office of Civic Engagement – an anchor for local neighborhoods and a global center for education, research, and innovation. Partners with different communities to share talent, information, and resources.

International Students

Office of International Affairs (OIA) - dedicated to enhancing a vibrant international community and to fostering cross-cultural experience.

English Language Institute - provides rigorous, creative and innovative English language programming.

Health & Wellness

To learn more about the University’s Student Health Service, Student Counseling Service, Health Promotion and Wellness, and Student Insurance, please visit wellness@UChicago.Student Counseling - an excellent resource for wellness information across many different topics.

Athletics - sports and recreation, facility hours, and group fitness classes.

Spiritual Life - a destination for all things spiritual and religious at the University of Chicago.

Student Services

Student Health and Counseling Services - for all physical and mental health questions you might have.

Student Disability Services - supports the academic, personal and work-related needs of students with disabilities, encouraging their full participation in the life of the University.

Campus and Student Life - see the many resources the University has at your disposal.

UChicagoGrad – Life at UChicago

Identity and Inclusion

The Center for Identity and Inclusion - creates intentionally diverse and inclusive communities, engaging students and members of the University of all backgrounds to ensure personal, academic, and professional growth and success.  

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA)- strives to foster intercultural engagement and raise the critical consciousness of students and the broader UChicago community, particularly as it relates to the lived experiences of varied racial and ethnic communities. 

LGBTQ Student Life - strives to create an inclusive and safe community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and allies.

Reflections on Race: A Multimedia Resource Guide

Academic Resources

Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture - devoted to the study of race and ethnicity, one that seeks to expand the study of race beyond the black/white paradigm while exploring social and identity cleavages within racialized communities.

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality -  committed to teaching, research support, and active engagement at the University, while also reaching out to public areas where gender and sexuality come together with other political, artistic, and intellectual concerns.

Summer Language Institute - with scholarships for our MA students to study one of 13 languages in the summer of 2018.

Professional Resources

UChicagoGrad - committed to ensuring that students have the skills they need to become the next generation of leaders in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government.

Institute of Politics - designed to ignite in young people a passion for politics and public service.

Center for Leadership and Involvement

University Community Service Center (UCSC)