This weekly workshop highlights the work of those pioneering data science analytical techniques and social science and computation methods while bringing together graduate students, post-docs, and faculty all working at the nexus of computation and big, social science questions. The workshop also allows regular participants to share works in progress for feedback, fosters robust dialogue between young scholars in these emerging fields, and showcases local scholars leading pedagogical seminars on new papers or methods.

The 2019-2020 Computational Social Science Workshop meets each Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. in the Cummings Life Center, Room 101.

All interested faculty and graduate students are welcome. You can join our official listserv here. Students in the Masters of Computational Social Science program are expected to attend and join the discussion by posting a comment on the issues page of the workshop’s public repository on GitHub.

Winter 2020


March 6 - How Exploitation and Exploration Shape the Knowledge Space 

Hyejin Youn, Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations, Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management

Lunch will be provided.


February 27 - Modeling Context-Dependent Latent Effect Heterogeneity with Applications to Study Public Political Polarization

Diogo Ferrari, Assistant Instructional Professor in Computational Social Science, University of Chicago

Lunch will be provided.

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February 6 - School, Studying, And Smarts: The Gender of Education Across 80 Years of American Print Media, 1930-2009

Andrei BoutylineAssistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan

Lunch will be provided.

Andrei Boutyline

January 30th - Network Structures of Collective Intelligence: The Contingent Benefits of Group Discussion

Joshua BeckerPostdoctoral Fellow, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, Northwestern University

Lunch will be provided.

Joshua Becker

January 23rd - Toward a Science of Failure

Dashun Wang, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations - Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Lunch will be provided.

Dashun Wang

January 16th - Designing For Trust: A Behavioral Framework For Sharing Economy Platforms

Paolo Parigi  - Lead Trust Scientist - Airbnb

Natã Barbosa - Phd Candidate - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Information Sciences

Lunch will be provided.

Paolo Parigi

Natã Barbosa

January 9th - Network Science or Applied Graph Theory? Examining the Network of Indirect Collaboration in a Department of Mathematics

Moses Boudourides, Visiting Professor of Mathematics - New York University Abu Dhabi; Faculty - Northwestern University School of Professional Studies Data Science Program

Lunch will be provided.

Moses Boudourides

Autumn 2019

October 3rd - Fall Welcome Mixer

Join us as we welcome the new class of MACSS students, greet our returning second years, and invite all faculty and guests to mingle with our students, discuss big ideas, celebrate the first Computation Workshop of the academic year in our new room, and propose speakers, topics, and organizations for the workshop.

Lunch will be provided.

MACCS logo

October 10th - Big Data in Medicine: A panel of distinguished University of Chicago faculty

Chaired by Jeremy Greene, a renowned historian of medicine (John Hopkins School of Medicine)

A light dinner will be served.

Jeremy Greene

October 17th - Science and Technology Advance through Surprise

James Evans, Professor of Sociology, Director of the Knowledge Lab, Faculty Director of the Masters Program in Computational Social Science, and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, University of Chicago

Lunch will be provided.

James Evans

October 24th - Machine Politics: A Roundtable

Fred Turner, Professor of Communication (Stanford University), Adrian Johns, Professor of History (UChicago) & Joel Isaac, Professor of Social Thought (UChicago)

Lunch will be provided.

Fred Turner

October 31st - Calling Bullshit: Data Reasoning in a Digital World

Jevin West, Associate Professor - Information School, University of Washington & Carl Bergstrom, Professor of Computational Biology and Behavior, University of Washington

Lunch will be provided.

Jevin West

Carl Bergstrom

November 7th - How to Meaasure Legislative District Compactness If You only Know it When You See it

Gary King, the Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor at Harvard University

A light lunch will be provided.

Gary King

November 14th - Islamophobia and Media Portrayals of Muslim Women: A Computational Text Analysis of US News Coverage

Rochelle Terman, Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science, University of Chicago

A light lunch will be provided.

Rochelle Terman