Get Skilled in the Latest Techniques of Computational Research

Our two-year MA in Computational Social Science will give you the ability to apply cutting edge technologies and statistical techniques to data sets that are orders of magnitude larger than one normally encounters as a social science investigator.

Our structured curriculum will develop the tools and applications necessary to make important contributions across the social sciences. Depending on your field, that could mean problems of memory formation, language use, knowledge networks, changing historical patterns in the distribution of material and cultural objects, the conditions under which social movements succeed or fail, or how partisan identification shapes social and economic behavior.

Our weekly academic mentorship, beginning with an advanced doctoral student “preceptor,” and continuing through every level of our faculty and staff, will assure that you are maximally competitive for PhD study.

Our three-quarter "research commitment” will have you work directly with a member of our Computation faculty on the MA thesis.

Our MA students attend our weekly Computation Workshop, where advanced scholars and invited guests present drafts of their research for critique and discussion.

Our MA students are provided support in securing paid internships between their first and second year, to give you a leg up on your research.

Our international students are eligible for up to three years of work eligibility after they graduate.

We invite you to contact our office, and discover what a degree in Computational Social Science can do.