Chad Cyrenne

Managing Director, MA Programs in the Social Sciences

(773) 702-5885
5730 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Room 306

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Dr. Cyrenne is a political scientist and Managing Director of the MA Programs in the Social Sciences. He teaches courses in the history of political thought, with a particular focus on the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as seminars in contemporary political philosophy.  

Vanessa Carey

Student Affairs Administrator, Computation
Administrative and Events Coordinator, MA Programs SSD

5736 S Woodlawn Avenue, Room 202
(773) 702-8301

Vanessa is the Student Affairs Administrator for Computational Social Science, maintaining students’ academic records, communicating critical deadlines, and generally striving to ensure that students graduate on time. Computation students should reach out to her with questions about their academic record, transcript, and/or progress. Prospective Computation students may contact Vanessa with any and all questions regarding the program and admissions.

As Administrative and Events Coordinator for MAPSS, CIR and Computation, Vanessa helps to manage internal program operations and organizes a broad range of social events which bring students together and foster a friendly environment outside of the classroom. Students should feel free to stop by her office or any of the events she leads to introduce themselves. 

Tekeisha Yelton-Hunter

Business Administrator

(773) 702-8304
5736 S. Woodlawn, Room 204

Tekeisha Yelton-Hunter is the Business Administrator who manages the day-to-day operations for MAPSS, CIR, Computational Social Science, and Geographical Sciences.  She coordinates accounts management, payroll, billing, procurement and reimbursements.  She also assists with event preparation and provides academic appointment support to the Dean’s office of the Social Sciences Division.