Alumni Connect Mentor (Interdisciplinary - Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology & Economics)

With parents in the Indian military and special education, Abhishek has always been driven to serve society. So he initially undertook a Masters in Development Economics at the University of London and worked for 5 years in data science for public policy, especially around education and youth employment. In parallel, he acquired fluency in 12 languages and can speak to 5 billion people in their native tongue. At UChicago, he's now combining his linguistic skills with behavior change approaches from not only economics, but also psychology and sociology. He's your go-to-guy for multidisciplinary, mixed-methods research and figuring out how to apply it in real jobs globally. Abhishek engages himself with everything from creative writing (trudging along with second novel), dancing (Salsa, Ballroom and Latin), martial arts (Krav Maga), composing music and standup comedy. He also emphasizes mindfulness and calm over being busy. So he's happy to dole out tips on productivity, time management and staying both sane and joyful in spite of the academic workload and extra-curricular opportunities at UChicago.