Assistant Professor in Economics and the College; Affiliated Faculty, Masters in Computational Social Science Program

Dr. Voena is an Assistant Professor in Economics and Affiliated Faculty for the Masters in Computational Social Science Program.  As an applied microeconomist working primarily in labor economics, her focus is on two broadly-defined areas. The first is the economics of the family, and studies how intra-household decision making affects economic behavior. The second is the economics of science and innovation which examines what skills and circumstances help workers to produce new inventions.  For more information, visit her homepage.  Her research combines economic models with data from a wide range of sources to study questions that are relevant for policy in developed and in developing countries. In addition to the more widely-used surveys, her research uses historical data, gathered from archival sources, survey and administrative data, which she collected in the field in Zambia, and administrative data, which she uses on-site at the statistical agency of the Italian government.