Photo of Pedro Arroyo
Pedro Alberto Arroyo Office: 1155 E. 60th Street, Room 217 Phone: (857) 334-7166 Email
MA Teaching Fellow

Dr. Arroyo is a postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in MACSS and the College. 

His research examines the construction of collective identity through nation-invoking political discourse, as well as how such discourse can function to enable or corrode political authority. His work explores how individuals and groups make meaning of social landscapes and how these mental states shape collective action and outcomes.

He believes in the value of mixed-method approaches in the production of nuanced and grounded analysis and is currently working on a series of projects examining ballot initiatives that targeted instruction outside of the English-only model during the early 2000s. These projects bring together diverse approaches: computational content analysis, a sensitivity to the historical context in which events occur, as well as archival research.

In both the Autumn and Spring, he is an instructor in the Perspectives sequence. These courses help students build foundational skills in computationally enhanced social science research.

In the Winter, he offers Organizational Analysis. This class focuses on many of the issues raised above in both macro and micro settings, with an emphasis on how the theories of organizational analysis developed in response to evolving challenges. Students will leave the class with a better understanding of how social structures shape behavior in a variety of settings.

Finally, Dr. Arroyo has a long-standing interest in education, extending to its pedagogical as well as political dimensions, and received a Masters in Education from Boston University.

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