Graduation Deadlines

Important MA Thesis Deadline Reminders

MA Proposals must be received by November 10th for academic and professional thesis.
(Failing to submit an approved proposal by November 10th of the second year will prevent students
from registering for any subsequent academic quarters, until the proposal is submitted.)

Any second year MACSS student who does not have a faculty reader by January 1st will be
automatically assigned a MACSS faculty reader.

*For any students looking to graduate in the Summer, Autumn, or Winter quarters please reach out to Sabrina Biggus at to discuss any thesis/grading deadlines*

Spring Quarter 2024 Deadlines (for June Graduation)

Mar 22 - Complete & submit Application for a Degree electronically on (April 19 - final day to withdraw from graduation list without $65 penalty fee).

Apr 1 - Final day to submit draft of MA paper to preceptor and faculty advisor.

May 1 - Latest day to submit final draft of MA paper to preceptor and faculty advisor.

May 13Faculty advisor and preceptor submit MA paper evaluation form to Student Affairs Administrator, Sabrina Biggus,

May 10 Previous Quarters’ outstanding grades due for all graduating students.

May 26 - Spring Quarter Grades due for graduating students.

Jun 1 - Annual Convocation

You may address any questions about this form or MACSS requirements to your preceptor or to Sabrina Biggus Student Affairs Administrator at (773)702-8304 or