Photo of Jean Clipperton
Jean Clipperton Office: 1155 E. 60th Street, Room 219 Office hours: See link in bio Phone: Email
Associate Director of MACSS; Associate Senior Instructional Professor

For office hours, students may sign up through this link.

Dr. Clipperton is the Associate Director of MACSS and Associate Senior Instructional Professor. She is a political scientist with specializations in comparative politics, political methodology, and complex systems. Her research focuses on questions of institutional design and change, and she primarily teaches courses on agent-based modeling, research design, data visualization, and introductory programming.  

Her past work has explored the transposition of EU directives among the EU 15 and status within the discipline of political science (Alter et al 2020). She's also developed work on the science of teaching and learning within the social sciences, emphasizing teaching quantitative methods. She also continues to be active in the teaching and learning community, focusing upon course design, assessments, and student-centered learning.  

Her newest project explores housing, segregation, and education using agent-based models to explore implications in local and national policy regulations and their interactions with school district composition and demographics. The project focuses upon discussions in and around Minneapolis’ 2040 housing plan and demographic shifts within the Minneapolis metro area.