Professor, Department of Political Science and the College; Executive Committee Member, Masters in Computational Social Science Program

John Padgett is a Professor specializing in American politics, organizational theory, mathematical models, and public policy. He is best known for his models of the federal budget process, although he has written on a variety of topics. The American Journal of Sociology published both his 1993 article "Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici, 1400-1434" and his 1985 essay "The Emergent Organization of Plea Bargaining." He is a Director of the Organizations and State-Building Workshop.

Recently, Professor John Padgett has been awarded a grant, entitled "Modelling Organizational Innovation in Renaissance Florence," for $600,000 over three years from the Human and Social Dynamics program of the National Science Foundation. The intellectual goals of the project are to empirically and analytically model the micro-historical process of organizational innovation. The grant is administered through the Santa Fe Institute. For more information, visit his homepage.